O Escritório

With a solid and well known reputation within the market, including the Higher Courts, the Law Firm BOLÍVAR FERREIRA COSTA ADVOGADOS, registered on Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – OAB (Brazilian Attorneys at Law Association), Bahia section, under nº 658/99-SI, by decision of 05.11.1999, connect experience, legal expertise and distinction in providing advocacy assistance.   The office has a legal and administrative structure that offers a proper environment to build medium and large partnerships. Also, its client base, among others, presents business conglomerates who certify our staff ability to perform either as a preventive action or as a contentious action.


The office counts with a team of attorneys, law academics and assistants, conceived to offer a distinguished and efficient legal assistance in the many areas in which it performs.   Introducing the firm associate attorneys:



Bolívar Ferreira Costa – Universidade Federal da Bahia – UFBA (Federal University) law alumnus; OAB counselor, Bahia section, during 2004 to 2006 term; former legal advisor of Usina Siderúrgica da Bahia – USIBA (Bahia’s Steel Mill, current GERDAU); appointed twice by OAB, Bahia section, to run the Quinto Constitucional do Tribunal de Justiça do Estado da Bahia (Constitutional Fifth of Bahia’s Court of Justice); legal advisor of business groups of various segments of the economic activity.


Marcos Antonio Silva Dias – Universidade Salvador – UNIFACS (Salvador University) Law alumnus; Major in Tax Law by UFBA; MBA in Tax Planning by UNIFACS with an extension in International Executive Business by Georgia State University; legal advisor of business groups of various segments of the economic activity. Following the associates, the office presents brief profiles of the body of attorneys that compose the office in Salvador, Bahia.

    Milton Brandão Vergne – Universidade Federal da Bahia – UFBA (Federal University) law alumnus; former headmaster on Civil Servant School of Bahia’s Court of Justice; former advisor on the Judicial Administrative Department of Bahia’s Court of Justice during four mandates in the extrajudicial register offices; legal advisor of business groups of various segments of the economic activity.


    Miriam de Almeida Souza – Universidade Federal da Bahia – UFBA (Federal University) law alumnus; master degree in Economic Law by UFBA; former legal advisor of the chairman of Bahia’s Court of Justice; Greece’s honorary consul since 2008; member of Conselho do Comércio Exterior da Associação Comercial da Bahia (Bahia’s Commercial Association Foreign Trade Council); vice president of Bahia’s Commercial Association since 2013; legal advisor of business groups of various segments of the economic activity.


    Ana Virgínia Borges Queiroz – UNIJORGE International Relations alumnus; MBA in Projects by Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV.


    Rafael Atticiati – Dois de Julho College Law alumnus.


    Camila Conceição Chagas – Unyahna College Law alumnus.


    In addition to another attorneys and employees, the firm also has a networking of offices and correspondent lawyers chosen carefully by skills and clean reputations, with a range that covers all the country. With a networking built like this, the defense of the client’s interests in any country location will be facilitated, adding safety, reliability and convenience to the services provided.


Among the many actions involved in the service provision, either advocacy or legal assistance, features the following:

preventive legal advice, consulting and preparation of technical opinions focused on avoid liability occurrence and risk situations.

specific legal practice that aims liability restraint originated by demands or already existing risk situations, as well as compensation intent and rights in Court.

The practices above are subdivided in the following fields of interest:

not only embraces the establishment of internal routines in the company, evaluation and/or drafting of contracts, but also the solution to legal matters in the head offices of Public Administration – Federal, State and Municipal.

concerns all matters under judgment of the State and/or Federal Judiciary Branch.


Among some of the firm areas of expertise, the following stand out:

In this field, the firm works on the defense of the rights and the interests of your clients in legal actions of patrimonial order and civil responsibility – including moral damage, as well as assistance regarding many types of contract handling and compulsory-legal transactions.
In this field, the firm deals with matters about corporate creation (stock corporations, civil societies, limited liability companies, incorporations, mergers, divisions, etc.), credit notes, and also bankruptcy proceeding, receivership, etc.
Has as main goal the preservation of the company against attacks towards its material patrimony (assets, values stock and rights) and its intangible patrimony (brand, corporate image, etc.), as well as the associates patrimony, through practice of preventive and defensive advocacy. The office also offers consulting in planning, constitution and monitoring of the activities of councils of Administration and Auditors, of committees and executive boards, holding a dedicated methodology developed through academic and professional experience of its work team, rooted by the best practices recommended by the Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa – IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Management), mainly in the design, deployment, validation and monitoring of procedures, policies and regulations. Furthermore, it guides its clients about the organizational and legal aspects, considering the basic principles of Corporate Management such as transparency, equity, accountability, standards fulfillment and corporate responsibility.
In this dynamic area of the Law, especially in Brazil where the Legislative and Executive Powers very often changes tributary-judicial norms and provisions, the firm offers to its clients assistance, preventive advice and defensive intervention, both in the administrative sphere (litigation tax-administrative) and in the judicial sphere, elaborating impugnation to infraction notices in front of Inspectorates, Contributors and Financial Councils, Federal Revenue Station, etc, as well as typical actions of the tax law area, for instance the undue recurrence, security mandates, payment in consignment, taxes offsetting, tax entries annulment, tax execution embargo, etc.
The growing complexity of the modern world, where the scientific and technological progress modifies the individual’s way of living with astounding agility, also affects profoundly the work-capital relation. The difficulties of agreement between these two interests turns the Labor Court even more sought to solve issues related. Therefore, the firm has structured itself to offer to its clients preventive legal advice (companies personnel department organization, employment contract handling, etc) and defensive (defense in labor proceedings), aiming for minimize the consequences caused by the action of the regulatory agencies and the judicial demands.
Emerges from the Consumer Protection Laws and it demands a legal advice specialized in preventive and defensive actions. The firm is able to assist and defend its clients in lawsuits or extrajudicial actions due to the consumption process that involve material rights (patrimonial) and intangible rights (moral), in front of administrative authorities, such as Codecon, Procon and Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the Judiciary.
In this legal area, the firm offers counseling and sponsorship to its clients, especially in the administrative contracts and bids scope. Also, assist in the proper application of the Fiscal Responsibility Law by mayors, municipal managers and other stakeholders, as well as credit recovery from entities of various legal natures.